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Default 3 144hz monitors & 1 970 GPU (possible..?)

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've posted. I am a newb. to computers. I had the itch and desire to learn about computers a few months ago. And I figured the best way to learn was to build one. So I did. For my build I had no specific goal. Just build something basic and useful for basic home use ( not realy gaming...yet). As you can see below I went way overboard for my specific needs. Oh well. I had fun, learned a lot, have a killer beautiful ( asthetically ) system that I'm very proud of.

i7 4790k ( non OC )
Noctua NH-D14 heatsink - cpu cooler
Gigabyte gaming 3 MOBO
32gb crucial ballastix RAM
MSI GTX 970 GPU ( non OC )
HGST 4 tbb HDD ( for files, photos and videos )
Samsung 850 pro 512gb ( or 500gb.. I don't recall ) SSD for my OS and programs.
Corsair 970 PSU
Corsair 970T case
LG optical drive
Rosewill card reader
Rosewill 4 fan controller
Acer 144hz 3D 24" monitor
Win 7 64 bit ( I will be upgrading to Win. 10 @ sometime. I just love the simplicity of Win.7 for the moment )
* I think that's everything...?

I have always wanted multiple monitors. Now I can.

Here's my question........--->

Is it possible to run 3 144hz monitors off my 970 GPU?
970 GPU - HDMI, Display Port, DVI-D and DVI-I
If I recall a 144hz is best support with Display port and DVI-D.

I just ordered 2 more Acer 144hz 3D 24" monitors.
Will my GPU run a total of 3 monitors @ 144hz?

My Acer 144hz monitors only have DVI-D, HDMI and DVI-I connectins.
I will run 1 DVI-D to a monitor. And I was told if I get a DVI-D --> Display port adapter. I can then have 2 monitors with DVI-D.
What about the 3rd monitor? All I am left with from my GPU is HDMI and DVI-I. Can it get 144hz from either of these 2 connections? Or is there any adapter?

Thank you very much for the long winded post. I look forward and appreciate your responses.

*** Do I need 3 144hz monitors? No. Do I want them? Yes. Am I a gamer now? No. Will I be a gamer in the future? I'd like to be.

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Default Re: 3 144hz monitors & 1 970 GPU (possible..?)


My Acer 144hz monitor has VGA, not DVI-I
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