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Question 256MB 6600GT Issues

Greetings all!

well ive had my computer for a while now, and since ive had it it has gotten slightly worse over time for randomly resetting itself.

ive basically come to the conclusion that its the video card, a 256MB 6600GT. 99% of the time it resets is during game play. i can play most of the games that keep me happy, HL2, UT2K4, DoW, etc.

Ive since bought DoW: Dark Crusade and a pack containing NWN and expansions. Now, NWN is definitely NOT a new game and the 6600GT should have no worries really in running that youd think... hell, the old 128MB random card ran it with some lag, but it never reset!

anyways, the problem, i think, is that it is over heating and cutting out, restarting the whole computer. before it drops out though, EVERYTHING freezes for about 3 seconds or so. the image on the screen, the audio, the mouse and keyboard are useless.

i bought the computer with a mate 12 months ago, and had the same two built for us. he has similar problems as well!

Im a more than a little perplexed though, as to whether this really is a heating issue because i have 3 case fans as is, and the fan on the video card is fine... there is cool air comming out of the computer as well...

is this a common problem with the card? if so, is there a way to correct it? or should i just upgrade to a 512MB one like i was originally intending to? which 512MB card would people recommend (keep in mind im in Australia and im not looking for an awesome card, just something sturdy and most of all, RELIABLE!!!


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Default Re: 256MB 6600GT Issues

Have you ever monitored your temps.

such programs such as everest can tell you your GPU temps.

install and report back to us so we can be certain of your temps.


And as for a card if you want a DX10 card, which are just coming out and the prices will be more affordable in the next few months.

otherwise i would recommend depending on your budget the

7600GT $109.99


X1950Pro $179.99


These 2 cards are the best performing in their categories.
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