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Default 2 questions...

1) I downloaded CPUZ and have been monitoring core speed for a day now. I have an AMD Sempron 3400+ 2.0GHz cpu. It usually runs at 995MHz, untill I load up an application or two then it will bump up to 1.99 GHz until the program is loaded then it will drop back down to 995MHz. Is this normal?

2) Im looking into building a computer, I want to use an AMD Phenom 9600 Agena quad core....at what point does the processing power out do the internet connection bitrate (im either 256k or 6G connection) for online uses? Or am I totally lost with this concept?

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Default Re: 2 questions...

i can sorta answer no 1 but not sure what u are on about with no 2

1) my laptop does this, 998mhz when im not doing anything and it will jump up to 1600mhz when i open a program. When opening a program it needs processing power to open it, so like opening a door, you use energy to open it but when its open you are back to normal, it just needs a bit of power to open it. Bit of a crap example but u get what i mean lol



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Default Re: 2 questions...

1) Sounds like you have AMD's Cool'n'Quiet running. It lowers the processor's clock rate and voltage when the processor is idle, saving you energy and lowering temps. When needed, the CPU will ramp right up to match the needs of the apps that are running.

2) I really can't answer that one. But I don't think they are totally dependent on each other for maximum performance. I'm sure someone else can provide more info on this.
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Default Re: 2 questions...

alright thats what I was thinking...
Now for question 2....what Im getting at is the internet connection will only flow so much information if Im understanding the concept lol, and the CPU will process so much information.

So if ive got this right, either the CPU can process more info than the connection can deliver. Or the connection can send more info than the CPU can handle.

edit: like putting a 486 onto a 15.0 Mbps..or a i7 on 28k dial up. One will hamper the other no?
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Default Re: 2 questions...

I think it's pretty much always the case that you'll be hard pushed to download data faster than that CPU can handle it.
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