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Default Woothost VPS hosting provider feedback

At the end of last year I signed up for some budget plans with VPS hosting company Woothosting. They were offering good deals on 12 month prepaid VPS plans where i would get 2GB ram, 1TB bandwidth, 30GB of webspace and dual core intel CPU all for $36.
I figured it would be ideal for hosting my wordpress blog as its pretty beefy setup so although i only get a few hits per day i have the room to grow into.
When i initally started using them it was speedy but gradually began to get slower and slower. I checked the VPS and the load and memory usuage were low so i wasn't a problem there. so i reported it to the support for the hosting who optimized the host node which seemed to resolve it. But then a week later it happened again, so i reported it to the support and they optimized it again which resolved it for a few more days until it reoccured. At this point their support offered to migrate my VPS to another host node but did warn me it would result in downtime due to a change of IP address. I agreed as i figured it would resolve the issue for good. But alas no, a few weeks after the move i started getting more slowdown or even periods of complete downtime. i reported it to their support and they went through the optimization again and this went on for a few more weeks until they eventually said they would move me to yet another host node. Migration went through and it worked ok until this weekend when i started getting the same issues yet again. The solution from the support staff was the same optimization then move the VPS to another server.
Now clearly something is wrong with the service that woothosting is offering,. Either their servers are not being configured correctly or as i expect they are overselling the servers and have too many VPS running on one physical server, which means if they all try to access the resources at the same time the server cant cope with the load.

I was always under the impression that with a VPS other users wouldn't slow down your system like they can with shared hosting, but i get better performance from the free hosting i am using for another website than i do from this one that i have paid for.

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Default Re: Woothost VPS hosting provider feedback

I think and also I have hear a lot that for all meanings VPS hosting services remain shared hosting accounts and that's why you were blamed for overusing and slowing down the server. That is the fact and you have given just another prof for this. I have been working with hostwinds for a while and I have to say that they keep everything separated and I have never got such moment as you had. In any case you can always move to rackspace or ovh or pmgchosting.com were you will be able to get 100% dedicated solution.
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