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Smile Why should I start a Website up?

Why should you start a website you ask? Well there are many reasons one would start a website, for your club, for your grannies pet Cat 'Hilda' or maybe for your least favourite Teachers Hate Club! There are many reasons for why people choose to start a website up and each one is unique and individual.
At the start of the Internet, making a website was a rare and unannounced thing, it was considered something done by the rich and done by businesses however over the years hosting companies have formed and opens many doors for amazing deals which enable the website creator to create and maintain a fully functioning website which is open to everyone.

Isn't making a website expensive?

Well yes there are merchants out there who rip people off, or do offer really cheap hosting deals but are only established for a few weeks, usually hosting companies offer 'average' deals which come with an 'average' package which in its self is a good thing, but a good thing to do is look for quality hosting, I recently did a survey on the internet of some of the well known hosting companies and found out that all of them have catches too them, either with set-up fees, side fees and so on, but the basic idea of things is to always chat and 'barter' your way into a great deal, like you do at a good old fashioned 'boot sale' bartering for an excellent deal that in the future will become valuable!

Looking for quality, decent hosting is often a tough thing to do, however with time and work it is possible to find a excellent deal! Firstly I think of finding hosting like fishing; you gotta get to the bottom of the ocean to find the best fish, however by doing simple search on website search engines, more doors open out to you, and offer you more, my advise to you would be to not go for the first hosting you come across, fish around and find some good hosting and compare, who knows hosting companies may have 'compare our deals with others' and will meet the price of another hosting company offering a similiar deal.

To set-up the 'basic' website, you need some website space, some bandwith and a domain name and you are ready to go.

The website space is how much 'stuff' i.e pages and pictures you can put onto your website or onto your server, if this reaches the limit you will be forced to either upgrade your package or to remove some of the stuff.

Bandwith is the more complex feature, a little hard to explain but very very important for the success of a website! Bandwith is the measurement at which your website transmits and processes information from your site to a viewer's PC, every time someone visits your website bandwith is used. Bandwith is usually restored back to your 'limit' at the start of a new month.

www.whichdomain.com - Which domain do I pick?

Well that choice is upto you and you only, the domain name will be available for everyone to access so
it should be unique and personal to you, suggestions would be that you think of one that includes your favourite colour www.tango-blue.com or www.omega-red.com (these are examples), whatever you choose is up to you, you can get some good quality domain names all over the net and you have the choice of endings such as .tv, .net, .org, etc. The domain is the best part of the site!

[Written by, Stephen James - www.northtrex.com]

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Default Re: Why should I start a Website up?

The purpose of my website is to influence people to put greater effort into maximizing vehicle efficiency and to become more environmentally friendly, because we have to be, time is running out. Visit mine: http://kompulsa.ipbfree.com/




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Default Re: Why should I start a Website up?

I Have a website for my business,Although currently being renovated,it's going to look awesome when it's finished
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