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Arrow UbiquityServers.com *** Ubiquity Settles the Colo Debate!!


Scenario 1: Your company is getting large, and you decide that your monthly operating costs are much higher than they need to be. You opt to rent a super-low budget dedicated server from a reseller of a reseller of a Wal-Mart-styled data center to save cash. Itís 2 a.m. - and the phone calls start rolling in - sure enough your server is offline. It looks like Jimmy the new unpaid intern just performed an OS reload on the wrong server! (hope you had backups).

Scenario 2: Its 2 a.m.; and your server just dropped offline again. You call your provider and they soon inform you itís suffered a fatal hardware failure, and canít be brought back online without the appropriate replacement. Whatís worse; is that the data center canít provide support for your hardware, because you opted to do collocation. Even if they wanted to charge an outrageous fee for on-demand hardware - they donít even keep compatible backup hardware for this system on hand. Looks like youíre out of luck.

Surely there are proís and conís whether you choose to collocate or rent dedicated servers. Our staff has watched the debate over what the ideal option is for a financially stable web-based business to see a cost effective solution, and we have responded. Now all Ubiquity dedicated server packages come with 2 payment options Ėour standard monthly rates, OR a payment weighted upfront to significantly lower ongoing costs. Youíve worked hard to build the capital it takes to make your business efficient Ė you shouldnít have to sacrifice efficiency for fear of hardware management.


Server Options:

2.53 GHz Intel Celeron
* 80 GB SATA Hard Drive
* 100 Mbit port
* 4 IP's
* Remote Reboot Port (coming soon)

$25 Setup - $90 monthly
$450 Setup - $30 monthly

3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4
* 80 GB SATA Hard Drive
* 100 Mbit port
* 4 IP's
* Remote Reboot Port (coming soon)

$25 Setup - $120 monthly
$750 Setup - $40 monthly


Bandwidth Options:

* 900 gigs metered - + 29/mo
* 1200 gigs metered - + 69/mo
* 100mbit shared unmetered - + 109/mo
* 10mbps dedicated unmetered - + 195/mo
* 25mbps dedicated unmetered - + 459/mo
* 50mbps dedicated unmetered - + 759/mo
* 100mbps dedicated unmetered - + 1209/mo


* Traceroutes may be done to UbiquityServers.com.

* Test Files available upon request.

* Free 24x7 support



web: http://www.ubiquityservers.com
e-mail: sales@ubiquityhosting.com
phone: 1-866-GET-UBIQ ext. 1

or . . .

1st Contact: Clint Chapman
AIM: UbiquityClint
ICQ: 149459479
MSN: blahrus@hotmail.com
e-mail: clint@ubiquityhosting.com

2nd Contact: Corey Northcutt
AIM: UbiquityCorey
MSN: coreynorthcutt@hotmail.com
e-mail: corey@ubiquityhosting.com

3rd Contact: Brian Rust
AIM: UbiquityBrian
e-mail: bmrust@ubiquityhosting.com

Corey Northcutt: Freelance Internet Promotion Consultant
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