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Default PEAR available for web hosts.

I'm building a website that uses E-mail attachments when sending E-mails. The only way that I know how to do this is with PEAR.

I built over 95% of my website using a particular web host. Now, I have to change that web host, but have found that my PHP E-mail program doesn't work on the new web host.

So here are two questions that I have. If a web host already has PEAR available on their system, do I have to do anything other than simply use the appropriate "include" commands in my PHP pages?

As long as I use "include Mail.php" and "include Mail/mime.php", at the beginning of my pages that use E-mail, everything works perfectly on the old web host. I started building the site quite a while ago, and I can't remember if I had to configure anything else in order to get this to work, or if they already had it set up so that it would work automatically with those "includes".

My second question is concerning whether or not PEAR is common these days for most web hosts.

I have read that it's possible for me to install PEAR on my new web host's servers so that my pages will work. However, I have learned that this is far from easy. Tutorials make it look easy, but when you actually do them, things don't work. So I'm thinking of just finding a third web host that already has PEAR installed. But if they do, do I have to perform any more configurations in order for it to work, or are the "includes" enough?

This PEAR issue has become so much of a headache that I've considered re-designing the way that my site works so that I don't have to use E-mail attachments. However, the thought of that too, is daunting.

So is PEAR common for most web hosts? And if it is, do I have to do more than include the appropriate "include" statements in order to use it?
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