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Default BraveHost Hosting Help

I'm new on the forums, and i just need a bit of help, so if this is in the wrong place please do redirect me

I've recently bought a domain on www.bravehost.com, Which is www.christorode.net, And i had a previous website on the same account i bought this new domain. And i need help, does anyone know why i can't go onto the site after i've uploaded all the files i need.

I'm using - Office 2003 Publisher, to make my website, it's very good, and it's good for making websites, when i upload the html files to the site, it doesn't work. The files are uploaded but when i got on http://christorode.com which is the site it's supposed to be, it loads but never comes up. Anyone with any knowledge of BraveHost.com Please help me!

The domain cost me a lot of money, I'm still wondering if it is technical work, because with another Bravehost account i couldn't upload any files.

If anyone could help me, i would be very grateful

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Default Re: BraveHost Hosting Help

arrizx said try you http://www.yousendit.com, also try these : PPLS PSychology - Uploading web pages
<br> This is about how to upload to the web site web pages that you have already ... http://www.psy.ed.ac.uk/me/myfolder/mypage.html Uploading into a File ...

http://www.psy.ed.ac.uk/local/wiki/UploadingWebPages ,Questions That I Frequently Answer - Using FTP
Your first upload may take a little while and include a lot of files. However, successive publishing will only upload the files that have changed. ...

http://www.k7mem.com/My_Bravenet_FAQ/using_ftp.html Using the Bravenet FTP Applet
Uploading your files using the 'Bravenet Upload Tool' is very similar to ... You can also use the 'Bravenet Upload Tool' to download files from your website ...

http://www.bravenet.com/resourcecent...ftp/applet.php Using the Filezilla FTP Program
... account you should see a folder called: yoursubdomain.bravehost.com. ... To upload more than one file at a time SHIFT+CLICK all the files (as long as ...

http://www.bravenet.com/resourcecent.../filezilla.php <br> This is about how to upload to the web site web pages th...
Instead of creating folders and uploading files one by one, ... swarovski jewelry] [http://insurancelife.bravehost.com/life-insurance.html life insurance] ... Tutorials and Guides - IntroWizard Support Center
On the left panel, click the link 'Upload File Here' under Transfer. ... http://Your-Website-Name.bravehost.com (Replace the Your-Website-Name with the name ...

http://support.introwizard.com/tutor...ials&viewtid=5 free web hosting - free webspace review of BraveNet free ...
File size limit 150 KB. Same as BraveHost.com. ... their banner ads are really annoying and only allows you to upload files with specified extensions. ...

http://www.free-webhosts.com/reviews...Net.php?page=2 Windows Movie Maker Forums
Because it is a pain in the neck to have to upload each file.... (they don't have FTP) ... Try www.bravehost.com they have FTP access (and a shorter URL). ...

http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/Fo...x?PostID=46546 Module 2.4 Publishing Web Pages
unique web address and upload your files to this address. You may choose to pay for a ... Your web address will be of the form myname.bravehost.com ...

http://myrtle.uk.com/clavius/html/s2/mod4/publish.pdf Simpy Chichimichi
File Using environment Folder Reset Certificate Using , (IMAP) Security Configuration , settings public DOS file Upload up New , . Enter error . ...

http://blog.simpy.com/blojsom/blog/tips/2005 ... rom_Firefox.html?page=comments . hope these help your situation please reply and tell us if this fixed your problem or if you found another way.thank you

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Default Re: BraveHost Hosting Help

Okay, thank you very much for your time, and i am very thankful you helped me out.
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