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Thumbs down BEWARE PGHMAIL local ISP pittsburgh pa

Beware of pghmail.. DO NOT USE.
I used their ISP as a backup for my cable, which on occasion went down $6.95 a month no big deal.. I thought.. There is a 30 hour limit per month after that 2 dollars per minute. While in the process of moving somehow I racked up 1500 dollars one month( just how many hours are there in a month?) and 700 dollars the next month and that was after we cancelled the account. Even thou I never logged into the account. Pghmail just kept docking my credit card even though I was not the one using my account. I went the process of fighting with the credit card company and the service that does the billing pghmail. All the said is someone used your account and your responsible…After all said and done it cost me about 3 thousand with late fees extra charges etc.. Be careful Stay away from this Troll… www.pghmail.com

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Default Re: BEWARE PGHMAIL local ISP pittsburgh pa

Right, I wouldn't normally do this... but...

this thread is closed, and here is why...

we have one user, J potts roaming around saying that an ISP has ripped him off.

this post has been reported for containing false information, by a newly registered user called aprils.
Aprils is posting from an address within a range that is owned by...
OrgName: Ad-base Systems, Inc.
Address: 325 Mt. Lebanon Blvd
City: Pittsburgh
StateProv: PA
PostalCode: 15234
Country: US

the domain pghmail is owned by,
(you could have guessed this)

Domain name: PGHMAIL.COM

Administrative Contact:
Hostmaster, Ad-Base Systems hostmaster@adbasesystems.com
325 Mt. Lebanon Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15234
+1.4124402070 Fax: +1.4123791010

so we have either a disgruntled customer, or ex employee or competitor roaming around saying this company over charged him, and charges him when they shouldn't...

and the company that actually provide the ISP are following him around reporting his posts.

this does have a certain comedy value...

whatever, I don't care, I just banned then both so that they can move onto whatever the next forum is to have their petty little argument...

I've googled, and I can't see anything to backup what J potts is saying.

the only thing I can say is that one of the top google results says that this ISP mail servers are black listed as spammers.

make your own mind up,
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