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Default Stereo Mix

Hi, I am having trouble, I'm not sure exactly how stereo mix even works, I just know what it actually does. I have Logitech surround sound speakers, and theres three plugs on it, and I plug the three into my computer and I hear the sound fine through my speakers

But stereo mix doesn't work at all, are there special drivers I'd need to get? Or is there a special way to do it?

I don't really know what kind of information you'd need to answer my question, I have a dobly digital sound card, it comes up on my computer as C-media.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need to know anything else, please let me know, like I said I'm not sure what you'd need to know for this

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Default Re: Stereo Mix

It depends on how you sound card is configured, I know what your saying...When a sound file is made it is either recorded mono, wich it records the sound wave file into one channel, at 44hz and the bit rate at wich it was recorded. this can be determined by the software your using to record with.

Now if you are recording the sound wave file in stereo, then all it's doing is taking the mono channel and doubling it, there for making it into two seperate channels...stereo.

when the sound is split even further you get suround sound, that is usually four to five channels. then as you get into higher fidelity and add more channels then you get into the 7.1 channels of sound.

That Id what DVD's movies use to get that theater sound via a home theater setup. ok, now for your fix..You can try this little trick that might help.

ok, right click your little speaker icon on the bottom of your task bar (next to the clock) and click on the top one called (open voume control) now click on options / then properties.

then look in the list and if you see an option that says stereo, then put a check in there and hit ok. now go back in there and put a check in the recording right below playback, and hit ok.

this is the recording options, now if you see stereo or sound mixer put a check mark in there.
now depending on what your recording and the software your using, and what your using to record with, such as micophone in, then you must have a check mark in the microphone in.

right click the little speaker again, click on the bottom one (adjust audio properties) then click the voice tab, then click volume where you see the microphone, then you'll see the slider bar for the volume of the recording, if you have an advanced option for the microphone slider, then go into there and unchech the box that has the microphone booster checked.

you do not want that checked, because it will make your recording way too loud and distrorted.
now you'll have to play around with the slider to get the correct volume setting. if your using a sound card with surround / or 5 to seven channel , then the card will have it's own settings.
the above demo is for a regular stock 16 bit sound card.

good luck !!
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