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Default Smart Phones: What i've found (for anyone who might be looking)

People have asked me alot recently (because i've become sort of tech support for family and friends) about smart phones. This is an area of interest for me since i am a bit of a gadget freak when compared to most people, so i did a fair amount of research, and got info from friends who have them, about certain phones. I'll start with the models people should avoid.

BlackBerry: Avoid. Like. The. Plague.

While i was at college, numerous people had BB 'smartphones'. It seemed at first like they were well built and sturdy, and this was soon disprooved. A friend with the Torch 9800 had all the 'chrome' (paint) flake off within a week or so, just from going in and out of jeans pockets. The flimsy plastic catch on the battery door also snapped off. I've seen the doors snap many a time, and alot of people have alot of gaffer tape on their BBs it seems. The QWERTYs on the Bold and Curve come quite easily unseated underneath the front panel, so typing becomes even more of a bitch than it already was. Ontop, the BB OS is the most counter-intuitive POS i've seen in action to date. On the plus side, they are quite cheap (some models).

Also, if you do strictly need a BB phone, for work or whatever, make sure your getting what they're telling you you are. A friend bought a phone through a licensed dealer, and it turns out it isnt even 3G enabled, yet they told him it was a new release in late-2010.

Sorry, Sony

i of course refer to the Sony Ericsson EXPERIA range. On the whole, they are good phones, fully loaded with Android. But, shabby build quality and lack of intuitive modifications make it more trouble that it's worth in many cases.

Not too shabby, Microsoft.

it seems, with the new Windows Mobile 7 OS, the whole mobile windows (WinCE) seems to have marginally improved. Reception to older Windows mobile OS have been poor, but other than pretty poor sales stats, the WinMob7 OS provides a good working platforms. Unfortunately, its limited app store and relatively few features lets it down.

Nice one, Google

Since google aquired Android, it has been incorporated into many designs, including the aformentioned XPERIA, Samsung's Galaxy range, HTC's Wildfire and Desires and Google's own Nexus S to name a few. Being built from a solid, though stripped, Linux kernel allows it to remain largly open source and the Droid market has the most free apps as a percentage. Android is a favorite among many phone enthusiasts.

Love apple, hate the price tag.

Last and probably not least, iOS. I love my iphone but i do sometimes have a hard time justifying the price tag on these. Being based on Mac OS X and therefore being UNIX based, it gets similar stability to Android. However, most Android phones can be picked up for around 25-30/month with no upfront charge, whereas even at 35/month, my iphone set me back 139 upfront. Apple's appstore however, is still currently the largest.

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Default Re: Smart Phones: What i've found (for anyone who might be looking)

intresting writeup thanks. Last christmas I decided to get a cheap smart phone to replace my old nokia phone. I went for the Sony Ericson Mini 10x. Nice phone apart from the battery only lasts for just over a day!!!

But now I have the taste for smart phones im thinking to part with some of my cash for an iphone

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Default Re: Smart Phones: What i've found (for anyone who might be looking)

i have the Samsung Forever (SGH-A886) Its an entry level smart phone, It has almost everything a good Smart Phone has, just not as fast or as intuitive.
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Default Re: Smart Phones: What i've found (for anyone who might be looking)

never brought but sony all other phones go faulty mine NEVER OUNCE

god be with u in jesus name
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