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Smile Resistors help

I am Teaching myself Basic Electronics and need some help with Resistors.

I know that if there are say 3 Resistors and say they are
5 Ohm
10 Ohm
10 Ohm

In series you just ad them one at a time to get 25 Ohm Total.

You have a 25 Ohm Total because they all are one right after the next and they ad up as so.

But this is what I need help with and please try to keep it as simple as you can?

What if you still have the same Resistors but they are now Parallel one side by side.

5 Ohm
10 Ohm
10 Ohm

Now I do know that this is were you need to have some kind of Voltage because every Resistor will be letting a diferant amount of Voltage through.

So say you have 30 Volts Battery.
We know that the 5 Ohm Resistor will be letting more Voltage go through it then the 10 Ohm Resistors.

So do we Divide 30 Volts by the 3 Resistors we have or what??????

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Default Re: Resistors help

ok, are you wanting to know how to find out the voltage of each resister, in parallel?

or what the total resistance is in parallel?

for total resistance in parallel--
take the rating for each resister, divide it by 1 (to get reciprocal), then add them together, then divide it by 1 again, to get a whole number.

5, 10, 10 (in parallel) = 2.5Ohms.
http://physics.bu.edu/py106/notes/Circuits.html (better explained here)♠

a good description of the Voltage drop on resistors is also there.
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