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Default Recovering iPod for free

This isn't spam so don't mark it as such, it's getting the word out on freeware. Just recently I had my PC mess up and I had to format. I made sure to back up my music, but when I tried to transfer files the music didn't move over. If you don't have ALL the files in iTunes when you synchronize after a format, it will wipe the missing songs off the iPod for good. Not wanting to rig up the hard drive again, I looked for a solution. I found a way to do this for all you iPod owners and though it would make a great sticky, and it doesn't cost $50 like everything else out there designed for this. Don't know how many CFers use iPods but if this were on here it would have saved me a lot of searching.

As you may or may not know, iPods do not technically allow you to remove music or videos from them and place it on your computer (because they are all in hidden files which I couldn't find a way to display). It's frustrating with a computer format, you realize you have to backup and copy your entire music library via hard drives or DVDs when it's already on the iPod. There is a way to access all the files inside and export them to the computer, and it's free, unlike many of the commercial products that do this. It's called YamiPod.


You load up the software, start the exe, plug in the iPod, select all the music, and then you can right click (I think that's how I did it) and export to a folder with a multitude of options for indexing the files. Works like a charm. Take that, Steve Jobs.
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