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Default Re: OMG, look at this phone from VW

But if you have that 2 year upgrade credit available to you now, I would definitely take advantage of a new model phone all together. Man, I have to wait 3 more months. I just hope by that time, we'll see a lot more of these new touch style phones. Or at least a new revised version of Venus from Samsung, hehe. I know Samsung is hot when it comes to new technology and I'm just dying to see what they have to come up with.

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Default Re: OMG, look at this phone from VW

Originally Posted by ISOwner View Post
The Venus can get pretty cheap. You can get it for $199 if you purchase it here online:


......plus, I have a a $100 credit for free upgrade in March bringing my total down to just a measly $99!!! Of course there are a lot of phones for under $100 so you can get phones for FREE, but why bother when you can apply that $100 for a nicer phone and pay the difference? I would go that route and the Venus is sexy. FOr the women, they have pink, lol.

If your phone breaks, you have insurance (you pay monthly to have the insurance coverage) that will cover it. Warranty does not cover breakage or the phone getting wet, etc. Verizon factory warranty only covers defects with the phone. This one phone a friend of mine had before would constantly drop calls for no reason when it clearly should have worked. I went with him to the Verizon store and he got a free replacement. I have no insurance. As long as you take care of it and don't drop it often, it will work for years (until your next free upgrade, hehe).

To get discounted phones like the upgrade deal, you need to renew your contract with Verizon Wireless. I see no reason to switch carriers since VW is the best I've ever had and I need a cell phone-----might as well keep on going. I don't mind.
The only downside of the insurance is that most of the time they make you pay a deductible. My brother has a razr which broke after he dropped the couch on it, and they made him pay a $50 fee for replacing it.

My mom in turn took the insurance away, said it was a waste of the $10? a month.

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