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Angry No Sound on laptop ! Aaarh !

Hi everyone,
I have a Hpnx9000 laptop, and unfortunately the other day while I was working with it I accidently knocked it off the desk, with the headphones in the side, the headphones plug hit first and smashed the headphones jack inside the laptop. Bugger ! after this, I have no sound at all, through headphones or internal speakers. So I dissasembled the laptop, and removed what was left of the headphones port from the circuit board, thinking this would fix it. However I have since found out that in the headphones port, when you push the plug in, it pulls a switch apart, and breaks the circuit for the internal speakers, hence the reason no sound comes from the internal speakers with headphones in. So whats happening is that by removing the jack completely, the switch is always open, so the computer thinks that the headphones are in permanantely. I had trouble finding a new jack that would exactly fit the circuit board, so this is why I didn't replace. I do not really want to dissasemble the laptop again, and even If I did, I do not know which pins to solder together to act as the switch would. So what I am wondering is if there is a way to disable the headphones through the settings in the computer, and only use the internal speakers ? I have looked everywhere in the settings (i think) and couldn't find anything, but if anyone knows how this would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone has a different solution to this problem that would also be greatly appreciated ! I don't really mind that I have no headphones, but I do want to get my internal speakers back !

thanks everyone, Andrew.
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