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Default Need some help.

Don't know if this is the place for this kinda thing. But, anyways.

So, I hooked up a stereo system up to my PC, and I can't turn it up with my PC. Well, I can, but one of my speakers becomes static (and sometimes it sounds like both). Here in lies the problem, and the question. How can I fix this? I can turn the radio on, and have ZERO problems with either speaker. I've taken the cord (Audio jack to headphone) and plugged it into something else, and have no problems either. I've heard there was an adapter piece, but when I called Radio Shack, they said that computers don't need a special device. I use an on board sound. I've got some sound cards lying around, if that's a suggestion. But I'd rather not have to make something potentially small, into something a bit bigger.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Need some help.

Line out from the computer to either AUX or line in on the amp.

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Default Re: helps me against a very small

Originally Posted by hijk116 View Post
With DK/holy paladin, I got wow gold housebroken 90% of the times, I had 3/3 insensitive nerves, endeavor authority, anvil of titans, and was very uncommunicative to wow gold re-gem/re-enchant for max elasticity some WOW powerleveling. As much as people complain about this poison, while it is still useful off weapon swap shivs/fan of knives about wow gold, I just can not give up 7%-12% of my OVERALL damage for wow gold something that only helps me against a very small list of classes.
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Default Re: helps me against a very small

Originally Posted by sniperviper21 View Post
If you are gonna quote the spam, at least remove the links.

It might be a better idea to do the '^' thing or just say something along the lines of 'I reported the above spam post'
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