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Default Moto E4 for less than $45? Oh, yes

I came across this while watching one of the Youtube channels I subscribe to. JWill first bought the Verizon prepaid version of the Moto E4 at Walmart for just under $40 and did a few videos on it about how it was a killer deal for what little he paid for it. I mean, a 5" phone with a quad Snapdragon CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM, and a passable camera for $40? Sounds great except for it being Verizon prepaid.

Then two weeks later he posts a video on just how easy and cheap it is to get this Moto E4 unlocked for any carrier. So a $120 phone for $40 and then two bucks and change to get it unlocked? Get outta here. But he demonstrated the phone and showed that it does actually work.

So I went and picked one up at Walmart yesterday, brought it home, ordered the unlock code and had it within the hour. Popped in my Cricket SIM, put in the code, and it worked a treat. Counting tax I paid roughly $46 for the phone that is now fully unlocked for any carrier as I saw where someone was using one on Sprint. I will be giving this one to my mother to replace the POS phone she currently has, just as soon as the cover and tempered glass screen protectors come in for it.

I am posting this because it is back to school time and this would be a dirt cheap way to get your kid(s) a decent phone, or to get a decent backup phone for yourself (which is what I plan to do next payday).

Here's his video about getting the phone unlocked.


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Default Re: Moto E4 for less than $45? Oh, yes

The Moto E is an excellent phone. I bought the Moto E1 when it came out here. It's the reason why I bought the G5 Plus. Also, Motorola is a great brand if you want to mess around with custom ROMs and whatnot. However, $120 seems a bit expensive for the US. $40 is a freaking steal though.

By the way, is this limitation part of the OS? Can't it be solved just by flashing the stock firmware?
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