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Default Lap top LCD screen for other uses

Im building this center console for my Bronco and i decided to put a monitor in it, i checked around on the web for a reasonably priced one around 10 inches but everything was more then $550 for a decent one and nothing came as a raw LCD modual which is what i need. Im planning on building my own fiber glass housing around the raw screen.

But on friday i found this old Gateway Solo model:SG1N with a PII designed for W98 and it had a 12'' monitor that would slide perfectly into my console with 3/8'' of an inch to spare. i got it for free from a storage room with old obsolete equipment.

I have taken appart the entire laptop down to every circuit board being unplugged and removed. i have no knowledge of how these lap tops work and how to identify the parts yet. but im more concentrated on salvaging the screen which i have removed completly. It has a single 41 pin plug attached to a flex board( or flexable circuit board what ever they're called). 21 pins on the top and 20 on the bottom row.

I'm hopping i can somhow convert this plug back into a regular monitor plug you'd find on a PC which this lap top has( the blue plug that you screw into) then convert that into s-video. this would save me between $700-$1200 for a 12'' monitor. So I'd like to know if this is even possible, and how far i would have to go to convert this screen into a usable video unput. Im fairly confident in having to buld somthing to suffice, just so long as i learn somthing and not just thow some things together to make it work, if its even that easy.

More to the point i would like to know if this will be possible.
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