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Old 05-25-2010, 09:43 PM   #11
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Default Re: Help me choose a phone.

That's a good point they are already talking about coming out with a Moto Shadow I think it is called which will basically be a better version of the Droid. In my opinion though Droid and Nexus are the most "do everything" phones out right now.

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Default Re: Help me choose a phone.

I've got the HD2. I'm rather fond of it. However, I think that the android OS is better. I'm waiting for a phone with the Snapdragon Chipset and a QWERTY keyboard with dedicated number keys to appear on the market... Kinda like the G1, but with a bigger screen and faster processor.

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Default Re: Help me choose a phone.

Yes i was considering the droid but how soon before it's going to be outdated?
Define outdated?

They'll always be something better coming out for cheaper down the line but if it handles everything you need it to now it'll likely stay that way in the future. My 30 phone I got years back still makes calls, sends texts and takes very bad pictures.

I do love the android OS - it's much more extensible, open and better written than the Apple / Microsoft equivalent. Only downside is it generally takes a lot longer to boot up. But if I was investing that much in a phone I'd take the android OS any day.

Other advantage is if you're a Java geek like me, you can download free tools and start developing / whacking applications on it really easily, and it's a joy to code around it.
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Default Re: Help me choose a phone.

Well with the Android OS Always being updated. When The OS Is outdated (Droid is getting 2.2,what happends if it doesnt get 2.3?) does that mean that newer apps arent supported?

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