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Default FS:PDA battery

we offer full range of PDA batteries at competitive price

PDA Batteries
Palm Batteries:
Palm M515(S3261, UP383562A), Palm M550(IA1TA16A0), Palm IIIC(170-0737), Palm V/VX
palm I705, Palm Tungsten C/W(LIS2106, 169-2492, 169-4399), Palm M130/M135(F21918595)
Palm M150/M155, Zire 21, Palm Zire 71(IA1W721H2), Palm Life Drive

Compaq&HP Batteries:
iPAQ 3100-3700(167648), iPAQ 3800-3900(263897-001,263897-001, 233488-001, DLP345794, 35H00003-00), iPAQ 1910(311314-002, 311315-B21, 311340-001,FA191A), iPAQ H2100(310798-B21), iPAQ H4150(343110-001), iPAQ 5500(290483-B21, 290484-B21, 291384-001, 311534-001, FA139A), iPAQ RX3715(364401-001, 360136-001, 367205-001, FA285A, FA286A),iPAQ HX4700 (359113-001), iPAQ RZ1710(367194-001), iPAQ H6300(FA235A#AC3, 350525-001),Compaq Aero 1500, HP HW6515 (377358-001), HP Jornada 520/525(F1798), HP Jornada 928(F2937A)

Sony Batteries:
Sony Clie PEG-T415,Clie 65(UP523048, 175625411, LIS1228), Clie PEG-SJ30(LIS1259), Clie NZ90
(PEGA-BP500), Clie PEG-N600(UP503759-A4H,UP503759-N760), Clie PEG-TJ25, Clie S500c(LIS1161)
Clie PEG-UX50/UX40(UP5530)

Handspring Batteries:
Handspring Treo 270(HND 14-0024-00), Treo 90/180(HND 14-0019-02), Treo 600(CA4TREO600)
Treo 650(157-10014-00,419735, 3184WW), Visor Prism(14-006-007), Visor Edge(14-0007-00), Visor Pro

O2 Batteries:
O2 XDA I(35H10008-80,UP385385), O2 XDA II(PH17B), O2 XDA III(PH26B), O2 XDA II MINI(PM16A)
O2 XDA Iis(PH26B), 02 XPhone, 02 XPhone(ST26A)

Dell Batteries:
Dell Axim X3/X30(X1111), Axim X5(1X390, F0089), Axim X50(310-5964, T6845, T6476, 35h00056-00, HC03U)

Toshiba Batteries:
Toshiba E310(LAB503759C), Toshiba E400(UP423467), Toshiba E500(LAB544060C), Toshiba E550G
Toshiba E740(PA3187U-1BRS), Toshiba E800(PA3330P-1BAS, PA3330P-1BRS)

Blackberry Batteries:
Blackberry 6210(BAT-03087-002), Blackberry R957(ASY-02965-001), Blackberry(BAT-06860-001)

Casio Batteries:
Casio E-500(JK-210LT,JK-213LT)
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