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Default External Hard drive

Hey guys I'm looking for an external hard drive for college. Probably around 250-400GB. Question. While I'm on my computer can I get into the External hard drive and access games? For example could I NOT have Counter strike on my actual computer, but on my external hard drive and play it on my computer w/o any problems? What do I look for when searching for these hard drives? Speed or anything else? Please tell me what these numbers mean. Thanks

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Default Re: External Hard drive

If i were buying an External hardrive i'd for for something like this,Not only is it small but also does not need an external power supply so it's less weight to carry around but also you can use it on a laptop when there are no power points around.About the gaming situation,im not too sure,i see 2 problems:

1.You would also need to carry around the game cd's aswell (Unless that is you are going to use a cracked EXE )

2.Some games use the registry (And temporary files) to store data (Registration data and so forth) so using the game on another computer might not work.

So,Some games might work,some games may not.There a few things to know when buying an external hardrive.There is the RPM of the Hardrive (Revolutions per minute) the faster the better,some drives have 5400 and some have 7200.Next of course is the amount of data it can hold,as with before,the bigger the better.Apart from those i cant really think of anything else you need to know when buying an external hardrive.Hope this helps!

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Default Re: External Hard drive

I play Unreal Tournament 2004 off of my external hard drive and it works fine.
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