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Question Buying a new Digital Camcorder

This is really confusing I canít remember one model from the next, Canonís *** to JVCís. ***
Iím thinking about getting a camcorder but Iíve never owned one before. I own a Polaroid Ion 230 digital camera its not bad I only paid $100.00 for it. But there are several things that I really donít like about it. The thing I hate the most about my camera is you have to adjust the exposure setting manually every time you turn it on and it is usually to bright or to dark any way. That is the feature that I am most interested in. I think its called Low Light.

The features Iím looking for are:
1. Low light or night shots
2. Image Stabilizer Electronic
3. Estimated Price Under $500
4. Ability to take pictures

I am not sure about the media format, Iím not sure witch one is the best
Anyone been through this before?

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Default Re: Buying a new Digital Camcorder

Sony's are usally quite good. I have a TRV-240(I beleive that's right) It doesn't do too great in low light, but great shots otherwise.

Now I don't know what particular modles you should look for, but I can give you some suggestions of features and all.

For Low Light, look for camera's with the lowest LUX ability, NOT INCLUDING the nightshot feature. I think mine is 0 lux with night shot, but 7 or so without. Nightshot is ok, but tends to make everything green and quite grainy, so I wouldn't recomend that for normal use.

Most camcorders today have image stabilizers

I wouldn't worry too much about photos if you have a digital camera. Many of the camcorders don't take the best pictures. If you have a digital camera, just use that, the pictures would be MUCH better.

As for media, I use Digital8. I'd say go with that for miniDV. Both have the same quality, but Digital8 camera's are usally a bit lager(due to larger tapes) but they also have better zooms. Mine has 25x optical zoom, which is quite powerful. Also Digital8(well, Hi8 tapes is what they are really called) are much cheaper that miniDV. Plus, the camera's are backwards compatable with 8 and Hi8 tapes, so if you or anyone you knew had an older camera, you could convert the tapes.
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