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Default Games I Play on the PC - Short Reviews

I realise that this won't really interest a great many people, but I feel like typing, so here we go:

Dead Island

Just got this game, and it has blown me away. The graphics are absolutely to die for, and there's a lot of fun, addictive, creepy gameplay. I'm pretty chuffed with this one, and will play it plenty.


This game I recently acquired and I love it! this game is so addictive. I love nailing the Echo maps and rising up in the online rankings, I love getting the GfWL achievements, I love the campaign a lot, and I love multiplayer! This game looks amazing, and is a lot of fun!

Mass Effect 1 & 2

I've loved ME ever since I got the first one, back on the 360 days, and all I can say, is God, how it has changed! ME is absolutely sensational on the PC. I love the story; it captivates me and makes me think it would make a great movie! The gameplay, longevity, humor, graphics, music, voice-acting, and drama are all top-notch, IMO.


I couldn't mention games without mentioning CoD. I'm not a CoD fanboy, but I do appreciate the games' graphics, music, realism, fun, story, etc. I play these games on maximum details at 1600x900 as with most of my games, and CoD really does look pretty damn sweet.


I originally got this game on the 360 and now I have it on the PC with all DLC, thanks to Steam's sale. This game has impressed me for a while, now; it's very fun and addictive, especially when you take the fight to the world of "online". Me and my brother play this game together and have a lot of fun. The graphics performance on the PC far outweigh that of the 360's 30FPS cap. -.- I cannot STAND how it performs ont he 360. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the 360, and I do own one, but I know how I stand with a PC... taller.

Crysis 2

I love the graphics on this game, as well. The story is pretty awesome. I've yet to complete this and I don't play it as much as I do the other games. I think sometimes, this game misses something, but I'm not sure what. Sometimes this game reminds me of War of the Worlds.

Batman Arkham Asylum

I love this game enough to have bought it on the 360 and then again on the PC! I never originally thought I'd ever like something like Batman (although I liked it as a kid) but when I borrowed the 360 version off a friend some time ago, I really fell in-love with it! It runs superbly on the PC with maximum settings, and it looks sublime.

Dead Rising 2

It's gross, it's fun, and it looks great... what more could you want? :P I play this online now and again, and love it. I never really focus a great deal on the story (yet to complete it as I get so distracted by other things) but I enjoy playing it none-the-less.

Fallout 3

Big Fallout fan. I've completed the very original Fallout game, Fallout 3 on the 360, and have yet to finish it on the PC. There is so much to do on this game it's unreal! The voice acting can be a little rough at times, but nothing drastic. "Oblivion with guns" - perhaps, and it's a lot of fun, too! If you like an RPG with a difference and a desolate depressing story, then Fallout 3 is for you. :P Unfortunately, the PC version needs some serious tweaking in order to be optimal, but once it is done, you can max it out and recieve 60FPS and no micro-stutter; it's beautiful!

Assassin's Creed

Impressive game. I had this on the 360 some years ago, and was quite pleased with it. The story sucks you in, and the graphics are lovely. The game plays better on the PC, I believe, but not by as drastic amount as Borderlands.

Alice Madness Returns

With the exception of the PhysX blunder, this game is much better on the PC, with lovely smooth graphics. The story is, as you'd expect, dark and sadistic, but intriguing. I've yet to complete this game, but no doubt I'll get that done at some point.

Dirt 2

I've seen people slag this game off, online, however I cannot see, for the life of me, why. This game has amazing graphics and great gameplay.

Bioshock 1 & 2

Awesome game. As with the previously listed games, I love the story, graphics, and gameplay.

And many, many more games...

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Default Re: Games I Play on the PC - Short Reviews

You're welcome.

Well, it's a matter of opinion, so I couldn't really give an ultimate answer. If your PC is good enough, I'd go for Dead Island as it's a MASSIVE game, gorgeous, creepy, funny, gory, addictive, and a lotta fun. As for performance, Assassin's Creed should work the best out of them all, but as I say, if you have a good enough rig, then that ain't an issue.

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Default Re: Games I Play on the PC - Short Reviews

Just looked it up; seems quite kewl, but it doesn't appear to be designed for games. :| Did you upgrade to dedicated graphics? If so, what card? I'm not sure if I could recommend any games without a dedicated graphics card as on-board are generally designed for media.
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