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ARMITRON 07-10-2007 10:37 PM

Surface Of Eceon- The Open Sea

This music video inspires me to go beyond....comments from

Surface Of Eceon- The Open Sea
A 7 minute music video featuring amazing photography of Earth's South Pole in June, 2004. Witness 24 hour daylight and breathtaking images of the moon and stars while the sun is still above the horizon. Notice the awe inspiring waves of aurorae, which are charged particles from the sun that are normally visible near the Earth's poles, due to their interaction with our planet's magnetic field.
The video was photographed by scientists from the University of San Diego & the US Government.
It was edited By Nick Liveris. "The Open Sea" by the band, Surface Of Eceon.

The Alphabet is a Vision of the Circle with my Chart..Charting the beyond

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