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tyleretnies 07-23-2006 08:19 PM

toshiba satellite 110ct xp?
i have a stock 110ct laptop and am willing to upgrade the hardrive scinec it only has 814mb i have found a bigger replacment hard drive....i am wondering if i can run xp through it the minimum reqirments for xp are 233 MHz but the computer only has 100MHz and the minimum ram is 64 mb and the computer only has 8mb but can be upgraded to 40mb and im am planing to get up a wireless network through pc card port and using a usb pc card run a usb exturnal dvd/cd burner and usb sound card or if windows 98 se will run better and still work with all the pc card stuff or any other operation system
any help would be great

pctechmike 07-24-2006 01:41 AM

Re: toshiba satellite 110ct xp?
First- you're trying to do a too much with too little. There are scaled down verisons of XP out there, and I'm not saying it won't run on 40MB of RAM, but I doubt it will run the way you want it too. Also, all the extra devices you want to hook up to this laptop are probably not going to be supported by the BIOS in any kind of way. Anything is possible, but you should try 98 and see what happens. I'm not even sure 98 will run stable on that. Good luck.

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