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JekL 01-13-2011 06:58 PM

New to CF, need help installing OS
Hello All

I am new to CF, very new. I wasnt sure where to post this thread, figured software would be appropiate.

I have recently aquired a old m$ computer that had its hard drive whipped clean. I have a 98 install CD, no floppy. I can get to what I believe to be MS DOS. But I have NO idea what to do, how to install, or even the first step to take. Ive tried searching forums but to no avail. I am not COMPLETLY dumb to computer lingo, but by no means am I fluent.

Please help, can't find anything on the inet specific as I need it.

PS sorry for typo's, or just all around bad grammer. I am on my buddy's laptop w/o spell check and my BlackBerry has me kinda spoiled haha.

All feed back is very much appreciated.

celegorm 01-13-2011 07:35 PM

Re: New to CF, need help installing OS
For something old enough to run 98, I'd honestly consider a linux install instead. It would be more of what you are used to experience wise compared to Windows or Mac and they always have good how-to guides online. Xubuntu would be my recommendation. It's a lighter-weight version of the ever-popular Ubuntu that can run on almost anything. A quick google search on installing that should give you a guide or two in the detail you'd like.

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