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Underwood7476 12-18-2008 07:13 PM

dvd burner help
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hi I'm not exactly a computer wizard and was hoping somebody could help me, I'm a senior in high school and am trying to make a highlight tape for college scouts and am having trouble making a dvd using windows movie maker and dvd maker (which I have been able to use before when making slideshows for my marketing class) coach copied all of my games onto dvd-r and now I'm trying to import the files to windows movie maker to make the highlight tape whenever I click to open the dvd in the E: drive it takes me to a folder called video_ts when I open that, my video is seperated into a bunch of smaller files and then two large files (VTS_01_1 and VTS_02_1 listed as VOP File which are the wide and endzone views of the game) but when I try to import them to WMM it shows the 2 files as only 20 seconds long each and I am unable to seperate my highlights from the bad plays..but when I simply play it in Windows Media Player I am able to watch the whole thing but its seperated into two titles (endzone and wide-view) and then each of those are broken down into 7 chapters randomly

I'm really having trouble figuring this out and any help would be GREATLY appreciated

if anybody that can help me needs anymore information to try and decipher the problem please ask me and then hopefully we can come up with something

Thank You

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