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DobroJim 06-24-2011 02:12 AM

Any computer geniuses out there? (f-ed up issue)
So I bought a computer from my friend. It originally came with Vista x64 on it and he had upgraded to 7 x32, but I wanted to upgrade again to 7 x64 because half of the 8gb of ram was going to waste on x32. The computer didn't come with the serial or the Windows discs, so I wrote down my product ID, formatted my hard drive, formatted the NTFS partition, and installed Win 7 x64 on the formatted drive with a fake DVD (planning to enter my genuine serial into it of course). Then I realize that a product ID (which is all I wrote down) and a product key are NOT the same thing. If I had just used a third party prog to pull the KEY and not the ID before formatting the drive, I wouldn't have a problem, but now I think I'm f*cked. I'm currently unformatting the NTFS partition now to see if I can find the Windows 7 x32 key in the remains, bit I am NOT optimistic. Anyone have any amazing ideas so I don't have to crack my legally owned Windows? I was thinking about calling Microsoft, but I don't know if they'd issue me a serial number with just a product ID and no disc...

BikerEcho 06-24-2011 05:35 AM

Re: Any computer geniuses out there? (f-ed up issue)
how can you not have the dvd? did you "buy" a copy of windows 7.
i am kinda confused, you say that the computer did not come with a serial code. ofcorse not a serial code for windows 7 if it came with vista.
too me it sounds like you think that windows 7 is free for upgrade if you buy computer with a older windows OS. thats not the case.

Luke_Uk_Baggy 06-24-2011 06:17 AM

Re: Any computer geniuses out there? (f-ed up issue)
Wouldnt you hit problems when you try to install a Vista product key in for a Windows 7 product. You would probably have issues there. If not, never mind!!

I think you can get that sort of information from microsoft, but they require you to provide direct proof of purchase of the machine. So you will need to ask your friend nicely if he has that still lieing around, A receipt from him, or I dunno if a statement with it on would do.

And just a side note, theres not a sticker on the computer anywhere that has the product Key on it? I know it sounds silly but hey, could save you some hassle.

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