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airiox 09-17-2004 10:47 PM

Okay I have been gone for a day and a few hours. I was moving and my cat 5 wires were in the wrong posistion so i couldnt get online. Then I come back and wow.

Everyone has gone crazy.

I get some PM's from bluto (nothing malicious just some freindly chat) and comutafreek Giancarlo and such are leaving because they are tired of the banter.


Okay I would like to just have everyone calm down. take a deep breath and rest your keys firmly on your keyboard. Ah feel better now?

Now how to solve the problem?

Since this is a computer forum. """""Simply close the political threads.""""

It is causing us to hate each other. Its like the american civil war all over again. Polarized polotics and genuine hatred and hurt becuase of something someone beleives.

We can still talk about things and such but as soon as a topic goes out of hand close it.

Just my suggestions. Hopefully comp can come back and gian can grow up. In a good way. So dont get all mad at me.

Just close it If they do. Its the only way to safeguard your valuable members.

Or people can just be calm like me. I can get angry but I allways calm down within a few minutes. Just all practice that. and remember that most people dont try to be overtly mean and cruel.

airiox 09-17-2004 10:59 PM

Re: Wow!
wow i am more out of it then i thought. THis all occured monday. srry. i work that day.

athlon64fx 09-18-2004 12:21 AM

Re: Wow!
what about me??

airiox 09-18-2004 01:59 AM

Re: Wow!
ah you have been a good girl. LOL just some people have gone mad.

You dont ever get mad.

David Lindon 09-18-2004 02:25 AM

Re: Wow!
Yeah I know, if everyone could calm down again!

FuRgy 09-18-2004 03:49 AM

Re: Wow!
Things have pretty much calmed down now....

135791 09-18-2004 04:09 AM

Re: Wow!
yeh bk to being relaxed

for the angry flame threads maybe we could patch whale music through make everyone calm down and relax

FuRgy 09-18-2004 05:01 AM

Re: Wow!

athlon64fx 09-18-2004 09:26 AM

Re: Wow!
but please no celine dion... I cant stand her or that kind of music. yuck.

Lord Kalthorn 09-18-2004 06:24 PM

Celion Dion freaks me out; its good to know that the Alien who killed Luke Skywalker in Deathmatch was actually inside her. Not only that - but she ate the Firestarted guy. So thumbs up all around!

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