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ArrizX 06-30-2006 04:13 AM

TRD, I need an opinion!
I know that your into your Toyotas, but im looking into a Honda right now. But they are both imports so really, you should be able to help, if you want.

This is what I posted on the Civic site I just joined.


Hey, just joined, uh real fast a bit of background info, im a computer enthusiast and being an avid member at also being a mod there and just over 9000 posts.

On to the cars!

Im 15, and looking for a different car. I currently have a Mercedes Benz 1991 190E 2.3. And I was looking for something more customizable. And I know that well, Hondas are.

First, I was looking at the Hatchback SI. My brother has an '02 that he bought for about 13k that had just over 15k miles on it. I know I wont get that kinda deal, so whats a price that I would be looking at, for one of the older 2000's. I know that price can vary alot depending on custimaztion and miles of the car. But just a ball park figure.

But im like 96% sure that car will just be too much, although I was trying to acheive a look like this

Thats my brothers car. lowered, body kit, and carbon fiber hood (not in the pic). But its just a nice car in general, you know..

Anyways, this is more of a car that I can seriously look into, because its not nearly as high of demand as the hatchback.

A 2000 Honda Civic Si Coupe. I mean sure that car has sissor doors and insane system in it, literelly everything down to the carpet is customized. Dvd players, Tv's even a blue dash. Thats about 7k on ebay right now. I couldnt care less about all that exrta stuff at the moment. I just wonder about the car its self.

How much would a 2000 year cost? Once again, just a ballpark. Although, it would be nice to find a nice one that already has the body kit and new suspension system on it. Highly unlikly for semi cheap, right?

Anyways, point of the thread, what would be good for me. I want a Car that is cusomizable, but doesnt look like shit. Also, I want it to have some get up and go to it.

Just name off some cars and ill look into them. But the 2000 coupe is nice, because odds are good that the hatchback is just too much for me.

I probably lost you all, but whatever, worth a try to ask.. :laughing:
So yes, sell the benz, and get a nice rice car :p

I wanna do this because I wanna put in thins like air intakes have nice body kits etc. Just deck it how how I want too. With a benz you cant do that.

Anyways, reccomendations?

ISOwner 06-30-2006 11:38 AM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
Ok, that Si your brother has does look good, but has very underrated performance for the Si. IMO, Honda made a mistake in releasing that version of the Si. If you want a nice Civic Si, the 06 version is far superior to that Si pictured above. Since you may not have the money to spend 20 grand on a new car, you're going to be looking at a used vehicle. Honda's are highly customizable but you have to keep in mind of SMOG. Here in Califronia, we have the strictest air quality control in the nation unless you know someone that you can pay off to pass you to the DMV. So you have to look into that where you live depending on what performance parts you add on to it.

If you want to know what I like that's around 10,000 and customizable, get the 99-2000 Civic Si, like the one you got up there. It's got a wide variety of upgrade parts for it. Lots of turbo kits around for that extra boost you need to race. Unless you really have the money, get a used SRT-4 for less than $18,000. If you can get your hands on an 03-04 SRT-4, you will have the sweetest car around. I've seen them as low as $15,000!!!! I forgot, but it's like 240HP turbocharged and all raced out. STOCK. Tons of performance upgrades including Mopar Stage 1-3 kits for 300HP gain. Try searching for that V8 killer.

Otherwise, that Civic Si would be ok. Lots of options there. It's also the most wanted by car thieves, hehe. Fix it up right and you'll get a LOT of stares. Hell, I'm still thinking about getting the $600 HID projectors for my car. That itself makes it look damn good. The Corolla XRS is a fast little car. Their high compression motor can keep up pretty good with my supercharged Corolla S and the XRS is stock n/a!!!! Comes with 17's alloy wheels, front and rear stabilizer bars, drive by wire, etc., etc. Might be on the high side, but try to get a compact import. Affordable and upgradeable. The Chevy Cobalt makes a supercharges SS and the sound it makes sound like the SRT-4. But it's probably out of your price range. Not much parts for the Cobalt anyways.

So yeah, check for the used SRT-4 or the 2000 Honda Civic Si:

That's some more info in regards to the Si. Truly, the best car for your money with lots of bolt ons.

Now the SRT-4 is just a Civic on steroids with an excellent cost of $15,000 now. Ignore the price check on this site. They are old. Cost is much lower now.

borat_sagdiyev 06-30-2006 11:45 AM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
get a mitsubishi :)

my mom has a 2005 corolla in beige:D its awesome

ISOwner 06-30-2006 11:49 AM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
If he gets a Mitsubishi, it would have to be an Evo. Those regular Lancers suck balls. We all know the Evo's are wayyyyy too high. Sweet car, nonetheless. I love to have that, but can't afford the monthly payments on it.

borat_sagdiyev 06-30-2006 11:51 AM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
yeah, since i live in canada, the evo's arent here yet. but because my friends dad works for mitsubishi, he brought one in from the states and we took it for a looooooong ride :)

ISOwner 06-30-2006 11:56 AM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
Oh man, how did you like it? Hope he knows how to drive it because if you stomp on the gas, you'll fly. That beast looks small on the outside, but it's got a monster underneath the hood that wants to get out. I'm not sure if the Evo has a boost guage in there, hmmmm. I know the SRT-4 Neon has it so you can monitor how psi it's putting out. Too bad Evos cost like $35,000-$45,000 depending on the model Evo you want. Man, those are badass cars. The Subaru Impreza STI is tops, but that thing cost more than the Evo but with more power. More power than an EVO? Whew....Suprisingly, a lot of kids are driving that here in california. High school kids got them, so you can imagine the university crowd. Lots of hot imports on campus. How the hell are they affording these? I talk to some and you know what they told me? STUDENT LOAN!!!!! They are suckers....

borat_sagdiyev 06-30-2006 12:00 PM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
we were at the stop lights, and then some guy in an impreza pulled up, and he opens his window and hes like "how did u get that" and then my friends dad just closed the window, so then my friends dad floors it (and yes, hes a pro driver) and the guy's impreza didnt even match up to it.

ISOwner 06-30-2006 12:04 PM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
The Evo's got AWD launch plus the helical LSD helps it to give the Evo an excellent takeoff withot peeling rubber too much. I'll bet you $100 that you got knocked back into your seat when that happens huh? I've been in several of them before and that's the reaction I got when my friend start to race it.

Is that guys' Imprezza the STI model? If so, he wasn't racing them because the STI will take advantage of the Evo. A regular Imprezza are still good cars. Even with stock turbo, it has great performance. But the STI is a whole completely different engineering. That thing will give the Evo a run for its money.

MooseMan 06-30-2006 12:15 PM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
i think arrizx should get a rx-7 :) civics suck if u ask me >.< plus there all over the place, if ur going 2 customize something wouldn't u want it 2 be origional? if i were arrizx i would keep the benz...

ISOwner 06-30-2006 12:19 PM

Re: TRD, I need an opinion!
ooo, RX-7. You don't see many of those around. I don't know if he likes the body on that. I like the RX-8. Looks more refined than the RX-7.

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