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Zer0Cool 12-17-2009 10:56 PM

Need help with Final
I need to do a short essay on the topic of "Explain the concept of The invisible hand in capitalism" I tried to look online, but cant find anything, im stuck!

Its a history class, and il be honest when I say we did not cover this what so ever... After looking online "The invisible hand" refers to Adam Smith and the economy, what is this have to do with our class I do not know since the econamy or Adam Smith was never discussed in our class. Just WoW! This is a very easy class and he gave us 3 essays to do at home as a final and he did say that 3rd questions which is this can be short.

Its due tomorrow can really use ur help.

Thanks :)

iamchickenlover 12-17-2009 11:57 PM

Re: Need help with Final
you probably already found this but here you go

makes some sense to me, right about how the invisible hand is the un intended consequences of someone choices for the economy and the choices are made for the persons own gain, that is all i got, i just skimmed the thing. :rolleyes:

dude_56013 12-18-2009 12:10 AM

Re: Need help with Final
If you want to sound pretty smart, you could throw something in there about how since everyone tries to control their markets (stuff that alters the hand from acting freely; tariffs, taxes, all that stuff...) the global economy will at some point fail. Much like the U.S. economy right now, some might say.

Zer0Cool 12-18-2009 12:38 AM

Re: Need help with Final
Dude thats some good stuff right there lol, il just copy and paste that hahahaha.

chicken thanks for the link as well.

I think I got what I was looking for, took me a wile but i think its done. Some plagiarizing is there, i hope he is not going to be very strict about it.

Wish me luck :)


TitanMATRIX 12-18-2009 03:54 PM

Re: Need help with Final
well if its too late..

the invisible hand just states simply that free economics will handle itself and be guided as if it were guided by an invisible hand. People's incentives and desires auto-allocates scarce resources and with this auto adjust, supply and demand will even out on its own based on each individual's incentives.

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