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yazzaRex 10-06-2007 08:12 AM

Hi people new here,I'm having trouble with MSN,i've had Windows Live Messenger for a while.I keep getting Q32,Q45 or something with a Q on my Non Instant Messaging contacts.I delete them but others come later, is this a hacker or something or something to do with live spaces.

I also can never get into my MSN hotmail personal,my profile, password,secret question to change it, as it lets me go in and type the password account but the page never loads up,just reloads that's been doing it for ages.

I do have a few suss contacts on my messenger that never talk from Live Spaces who added me to their contacts there,who gave me comments there and a girl from a dating site that doesn't talk who added me from a site called WAYN.

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