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Sytheious 10-19-2006 06:38 PM

Anyone watch it? Last night I watched I think the 5th or 4th episode, and since my Cable program allows all shows to be recorded ans saved automatically if it's ranked high, so thankfully all the previous episodes were saved, except the first, which I'm thinking of downloading to see, then delete because I don't want to take money from a good show. Once Season 1 comes out on DVD I'm question.

Overall to give a recap of what the show is about...

It's basically about a small town outside of Denver, Colorado. It's a VERY localized government, they keep to themselves, things like that. The main charecter comes home from somewhere, no one is quite sure, and he never says, and basically on his way out of town back to wherever, a nuclear bomb goes off in Denver. And thus...the plot for the show.

You come to find out that Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, Newyork City, and many other U.S major cities have been nuked. By whom or one knows. That is except for the conspicuous Mr. Hawkans. Whom the watcher suspects as a CIA/Special Forces agent/commando. You come to find out many things about him, and come to find out that there were tanks, insignia unidentified, so noone knows whom it is. Amongst various other things.

AWESOME show. By far one of the best I've ever seen. Like Smallville was before it was focussed more on Teen Drama rather then Superman. =)

livemc 10-19-2006 06:45 PM

Re: Jericho
A nuclear bomb blows whats the point of the story again? Do they like, make love while radiation is falling on them? What?

Sytheious 10-19-2006 06:49 PM

Re: Jericho

Originally Posted by livemc
A nuclear bomb blows whats the point of the story again? Do they like, make love while radiation is falling on them? What?

It really isn't that hard to figure out...Here, try this That might answer your smartass question/comment. :)

But, if you're to lazy to type, "Jericho" into Google...

Bombs go off...the small town has to fend for itself, as, go figure, a nuclear weapon disables a lot of what we would consider, "necessities". E.G Electricity, radiation elimates crops, livestock, blah blah. usually when someone says, "A nuke goes off," kind of sets the tone for what's to come. :rolleyes:

Sytheious 10-20-2006 01:13 AM

Re: Jericho
I'm bumping this. To many other stupid threads bog it down. Bump Up My Post plz.

Omar Shamali 10-20-2006 02:51 AM

Re: Jericho
i think all of nuclear bobs must destroyed,becouse if it will be big problem,it will kill millions of people and damge everything in it way....this will be the worst thing the world you never seem.... :mad:

my english is not very good,sorry :(

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