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JustinS 10-09-2005 12:05 PM

Need Server Administration...
Hi Everyone:

I currently have a web server that is in need of a good OS hardening. This is a Linux Enterprise 3 server with cPanel/WHM.

I don't know much about Linux but I was able to install APF, BFD, and block direct root access. I also changed the port in which SSH could be accessed.

However, I'm sure there is other things that could be done like checking the server for expolitable PHP scripts and such. If anyone knows how to really tighten the security on a server against spam and other obvious threats, please contact me with the best price you could offer.

Thanks in advance to any good tech's who could help me out.

pcmxkeith 10-09-2005 10:37 PM

Re: Need Server Administration...
Contact me via- email if u want... I can give ya a hand :)

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