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cbachinger 04-27-2006 02:45 PM

is this normal virtual memory usage?
My memory usage is only 20%-30% of my 512MB chip.

However my virtual memory usage is anything from 90%-98%.

What could be using up my VM so much and not my DDR ram?

I have also played with my pagefile to see what gives me better results.

By default and now, it is 768 but ive also tried the maximum allowed by the system and the system managed option.

The only thing that seems to help is when i delete my zonelabs security suite (vsmon.exe can take a lot of memory-15MB to 50MB) or disable all startup items and all but the windows services. When i disable the services, i continuously get shutdown errors.

Firefox seems to enjoy using up to 34MB, explorer takes 29MB, svchost likes 25MB (and its known by others to take just 18MB), and vsmon.exe (currently 23MB), MSN messenger once and a while takes over 20MB.

I know that these figures are overwhelming. I just wish I could finally have a laptop which meets the expectations that it should deliver. My laptop is supposed to be built for high performance!!!!!!!

the default tends to give me better results and i had all three options (default, max and system managed) running for 3 days or so but no promising results came out.

the initial max was not far from your 2880MB

the only major custom programs are firefox.exe (now running at 86MB), explorer.exe (now running at 28MB), svchost.exe. (" " 26MB), vsmon.exe (zonelabs " " 23MB), MSN messenger (" " 22MB).

These are the apps running over 20MB.

The rest should be OK.

uid=[0] 04-27-2006 02:52 PM

Re: is this normal virtual memory usage?
check the forum rules, no double posting.

cbachinger 04-27-2006 03:22 PM

Re: is this normal virtual memory usage?
Sorry about that.

I just wanted to ask as many concerned areas as possible, as Ive had this problem forever and im desparate.

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