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postcd 07-31-2016 03:45 PM

SW/HW for net connectivity balancing?
Hello, having two internet providers (two RJ45 cables) and my laptop one RJ45 input slot.

I would like to ask how is called the hardware/device (im looking for most elementary one) that can input these two internets and output one into my laptop. The device have to do basic thing, make sure internet is running while it can prefer one internet/connection over second one (my second internet has FUP and is slightly slower). Aim is higher uptime and less bothering with manual internet switching. A few seconds offline gap between switches is not that big problem.

I know some routers allow this (not sure how this function is named so i can google that), but i would like to avoid big, expensive, high power consumption router.


Another option might be software based balancing of the internet connectivity, but im again unsure what to google and if this is viable. Im currently using Windows 10. I got an idea to get Raspberry Pi, maybe this can also be used as a router for two connections. But i need some keywords to google to find more info.

Hope anyone can help with smart, cheap solution?

Thank you

root 08-08-2016 02:06 PM

Re: SW/HW for net connectivity balancing?
most routers can do this.

(e.g. look on ebay for an old Cisco router)
you can use link state tracking to automatically fail over
(that's where the router will periodically see if it can get replies from a public website over a given interface, and if it can't automatically route all traffic via a different one)

many routers can use algorithms to load balance as well, so you would be using both connections instead of having 1 connection sat idle.

edit* most *business class* routers can do this.

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