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daltonray2004 12-03-2017 07:19 PM

I came here to ask some questions, hopefully you can help!

Celery 12-04-2017 05:55 AM

Re: Dalton
Ask away. We are here for you. :cool:

daltonray2004 12-04-2017 08:58 PM

Re: Dalton
Well I can't make a post so this is all I got,What kind of modem do I need for an Archer c1200? My current router,Air router doesn't seem to have one?I'm very confused with that, Any hopefully you can help!

Celery 12-04-2017 10:51 PM

Re: Dalton
You need an Ethernet port. There should be one in your computer, integrated in your motherboard. Usually it's next to the USB ports and it'll look like an oversized telephone hookup.

daltonray2004 12-04-2017 10:58 PM

Re: Dalton
I unfortunately do not have a computer or laptop right now and the archer c1200 is wireless,Idk if that will affect anything.

Smart_Guy 12-05-2017 12:55 AM

Re: Dalton
The atom guy?

welcome aboard :D

Celery 12-05-2017 08:09 AM

Re: Dalton
Now I'm confused. What's the Archer for?

daltonray2004 12-05-2017 08:14 AM

Re: Dalton
It is a router.

strollin 12-05-2017 10:40 AM

Re: Dalton
If you currently have an internet connection, then you already have a modem since the modem is the interface between the ISP and your home/office. A router allows you to connect multiple devices to that same connection.

Are you saying that your current modem doesn't have a built-in router? That's a very common situation. Usually the modem has an Ethernet cable output that you can then connect to a router (such as your Archer).

Can you post a picture of your current setup so that we can better understand what you are trying to do?

daltonray2004 12-05-2017 04:24 PM

Re: Dalton
1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 2579 Hopefully this will help,also the tan cable leads to a window and goes through to a antenna of some sort.

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