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tmorales509 02-09-2011 11:03 PM

Upgrading CPU
HI, i was wondering i currently have a amd sempron 2.3 cpu and was going to upgrade to a dual core AMD X2 7850 2.8. Would i be able to use my current heatsink and fan with this or do i have to buy a fan and heatsink to?

detox 02-09-2011 11:29 PM

Re: Upgrading CPU
if your getting a new one, it will come with a new heat sink and fan

tmorales509 02-09-2011 11:45 PM

Re: Upgrading CPU
No it dont. It is on newegg but it says Cooling device not included - Processor Only.

detox 02-10-2011 06:00 AM

Re: Upgrading CPU
wow, never seen that before...

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