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Vandiyan 09-15-2008 07:45 PM

System Restore on a Dell
A buddy of mine had his PC in standby mode yesterday and the power went out and came back on about 8 or so hours later. Ever since then Windows XP will not load. It sits at the screen that has the left to right scrolling bar on it (sorry I don't know the techinal term for that screen :)) Anyways we were trying to fix it and just going to do a system restore from Safe Mode but for some reason it is turned off and will not let us do it. I looked on Dells support pages and found some instrustions on how to do it from a command prompt and was going to try that tomorrow. Do you think it will allow me to do this even with the System Restore turned off. If not, anyone know how to turn this feature on in Safe Mode. We tried unchecking the box but received an error message. Thanks in advance.

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