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european 01-20-2006 07:54 PM

RAM question?!

I have a friend who has this fairly old computer.
P3 551 MHZ
256MB of RAM
and an ASUS motherboard but i don't know the model number!
she doesn't have the manual for it either.
what i want to know is how do i find out what TYPE of ram she has. i assume SDRAM or perhaps PC100 but i believe thats only for P2.
usually when you buy ram it comes with a sticker on it saying its DDR3200
like mine or some other type.
is there any way to finding out? she wants to upgrade the ram in it to atleast 512, i feel that its alittle pointless but its her choice and its free ram so whatever.
the model number that i have found on the motherboard doesn't seem to show up when i google it. apparently its an ASUS P28. maybe thats not even the model number. lol.
so is there a way to finding out what type of RAM she has?!?!? a way through windows or a site that scans your system and would tell you.

thanks in advance


Lac3y 01-20-2006 07:57 PM

Re: RAM question?!
download a program called cpu-z (google it) open it up and click on the SPD tab. It'll tell you there plus much much more...

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