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DeadAndBrok3n 03-28-2006 11:59 PM

Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
Ok I Read On How To Overclock And My 6800 Is On Its Way Should Be Here Today Or Tommarow ....Now If Im Not Happy With The Performance Then Can i Do This ...

Overclock Memory From 600MHz TO 700MHz

Overclock Core Clock From 325MHz TO 400MHz

Can It Miss Up My Card Or Computer??

Is It Easy ??

Do i Need 243213 Fans In My Computer??

allenn812 03-29-2006 12:20 AM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
My 6800 is at 400/760. And im sure i can raise them both even more. Yer card should be fine. I def wont mess it up.

Kage 03-29-2006 07:54 AM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
I have a 6800GS,

standard clocks are 350mhz for core and 1000mhz for memory.

Using Coolbits, I can only increase the core to about 425, and the memory to 1070, otherwise I get artifacts :(

The best way to make sure is to get a better cooler, though for video cards, these can be hard to fit.

There is a limit though to how much a component can overclock. Its not just heat that matters. There are physical limitations.

jac006 03-29-2006 08:06 AM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
You have to update your sig then, kage...

Kage 03-29-2006 09:01 AM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
Oh yeah :D i only got it about 4 days ago, so bare with me, hehe.

Done :p

MooseMan 03-29-2006 10:07 AM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
well i am going 2 get a 6800GS soon and i might overclock it some, but i've got my ATi all in wonder X600 pro (for sale) overclocked ^ 2 455/645 or something like that and it runs good, it's got the stock teeny tiny fan like 20mm lol. any more and it starts getting video glitches

DeadAndBrok3n 03-29-2006 11:06 AM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
So i can Get Coolbits And Change It TO The Settings I Wont ??? And It Shouldnt Miss It Up RIght ?

Kage 03-29-2006 11:37 AM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
If you do mess it up and you get loads of dots etc, and you have to restart, your card won't get damaged. Theres a limit to which the program will go, but its not wise to shove the settings all the way, as your card won't be able to do that.

A good way is to push them up slightly (maybe by about 5mhz) and then test with a benchmark utility, and then push them up some more, until you get some artifacts (weird effects on the screen). You then just push them down again until you get a nice middle overclock.

If you've got selected, 'Set these settings at start up' though, pressing Control if it failed while Windows boots loads the default speeds for you to change them again.

baiseheise 03-29-2006 02:28 PM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
Well, I couldn't tell you. I got 4 GPU's in SLI in one of my PC's and Crossfire in my other one, and they are Top-of-the-Line. Yeah, Coolbits is good to use, read your mobo manual and video card manual too, it will tell you how much you can increase the Mhz at a time.

Jamxx 03-29-2006 04:43 PM

Re: Question About Overclocking 6800 !!
I just have to comment on your PC's, baiseheise. Those things are AMAZING! Must've cost a bundle, especially with those Asus cards... I've seen them on Newegg! What is it, 800 bucks for one?

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