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odin1234 09-23-2007 08:39 AM

NO display at all...
Hi all,

My PC suddenly showed following problem.
Problem: After power on, BIOS got 1 long and 3 short beep and there is no display at all.

As BIOS is AMI, checked web and most of them said this could be memory problem, but the same problem persists even changed with different memory.

Key parts:
Motherboard: Asus P5PL2 (AMI BIOS)
Video: RadeonX1800CrossFire (PCI Express)
Memory: DDR2 667 1 GB x 1

I have tried
1) different memory/slots
2) removing HD, DVD, video adapter and left only with CPU and memory
3) different LCD/CRT.

I don't have an additional PCI express video adapter to try but I don't think the problem is in video adapter itself cos it still gave 1 long and 3 short beeps even I took out the video adapter. It looks to me that motherboard might have problem here but want to hear you guys opinion. Thanks in advance!

PS: PC was self-assembled around 6 months ago:(

A True Folder 09-23-2007 04:33 PM

Re: NO display at all...
AMI bios is indeed memory with 1 long, three short. As you have tried different memory in the board the only thing left to do is try your memory in a different board, if it works you know it's the board and can RMA it.

I presume you have reset the cmos to see if that clears it?

Sounds like ram slots or memory controller may have bitten the dust, have you been overclocking it?

ssc456 09-23-2007 04:42 PM

Re: NO display at all...
try resetting the cmos

and if that doesnt work then do what i do.

just have the PSU, Processor with HS&F, and Memory and turn it on and see what happens, c if u get n e more beeps.

take everything that is not needed off he motherboard including graphics / sound cards HD DVD drive n e thing just leave the above on

odin1234 09-24-2007 02:48 AM

Re: NO display at all...
Thank you all for your response.

I tried resetting CMOS (remove battery for a few minutes) but still same problem. It also introduced two short beeps after 1 long 3 short beep.:(

One important thing I forgot to mention was that even it beeps 1 long 3 short, I could still hear Windows sound in speaker and it seemed it was booting ok, but just no display. Any idea:confused:

ssc456 09-24-2007 07:20 AM

Re: NO display at all...
wow that is strange if that is the case do you have a graphics card or are u relying on built in ?

try borrowing or buying a cheap graphics card.

that sounds about right.

bios beeps because it detects it has no video but the hardrives continue to load windows and therefor you can still hear windows :)

yh try get hold of a new graphics card or best bet is to borrow 1 as if its not the graphics card then you will waste money

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