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scottnel 10-04-2004 07:31 PM

More ram?
Ok guys, i have a p4, 3.0, 1024 pc3200, ati 9800 pro, and i wondered if another 1024 pc 3200 ram would help me run any faster, or would it be a waste of money. I plan on getting a 256 mb video card soon. Thanks for any help on this.

Mental Liberator 10-04-2004 09:00 PM

Re: More ram?
waste of money man... PURE cuz i have a gig and its perfectly fine, i aslo have a 3.0 ghz as well, people ef with my configs and my windows stuff a lot and send hacks, so i reformat atleast like every 3 months, it makes my computer at top speed :)

The_Other_One 10-04-2004 11:17 PM

Re: More ram?
One of the largest misconceptions of computers is that RAM speeds everything up. It will if your computer is running say 64M now-a-days, but that's about it. Once you get to about 512+, it won't make that much of a difference...yet ;)

Lord Kalthorn 10-06-2004 11:34 AM

What process are you trying to speed up? Cause most things I can think of that you may want to be sped up would need a Processor Upgrade if its not good enough at the moment.

GeforcebOY 10-06-2004 11:39 AM

Re: More ram?
just do some O'cing and you will notice a big dif overclock processor and vid card and that will be the biggest dif you will notice . just buy a nice new 3.5ghz capable fan and overclock to 3.4 and that will be crazy man.

Gary Graefen 10-06-2004 12:04 PM

Re: More ram?
more memory helps if you do alot of multi-tasking
or expect your programs to boot quickly.

Dynamix 10-06-2004 12:29 PM

Re: More ram?
Jeesh Yeh but i would say 1024MB is enough i have 512MB and that runs pretty smooth.

toadie 10-06-2004 04:32 PM

gonna have to agree with the previous posters....

adding more ram might be a waste of $$$.... your processor can only max out at a certain point. It may help speed up the opening of app's or multi-tasking, but it looks like you have enough ram already to do that.


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