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tamelochi 10-25-2006 08:30 PM

Major Computer problem
Okay i am having this major computer problem and i have been for a while. I keep posting threads and get responces that dont give me results :( Its nobodys fault but i do need someone who thinks he/she is an expert. Please leave me a private message if you want to COLOR=Navy]save my live[/COLOR]

borat_sagdiyev 10-25-2006 08:35 PM

Re: Major Computer problem
um... what IS your computer problem??
and are you talking about suicide??? lmao

Captain Pooka 10-25-2006 09:00 PM

Re: Major Computer problem
lol I read this like an hour ago and I was going to say the same thing, but too lazy :D

88 10-25-2006 09:55 PM

Re: Major Computer problem
maybe no one knows the answer. Usually that's why no one responds in the first place.

pctechmike 10-26-2006 01:12 AM

Re: Major Computer problem
First and foremost, you're posting your same issue all over the forum- this is a good way to get ignored. Second, you've mentioned several times how the computer randomly shuts off, sometimes it blue screens, other times, it just goes blank, etc, etc. You also stated that you built this PC not long ago.....

1. Do you get any error messages? If so, write them down- word for word.
2. What are you doing when the computer acts this way, surfing the Internet, playing a game, etc?

I also see you've had more than one problem with this PC. I didn't take time to ready every post you've made, but it is obvious your computer has issues, with 32 posts related to you're PC. I understand that you want your computer fixed- we want your computer fixed, but you have to help us help you. It would also be helpful to know all the components in your PC- if they are not already listed in another post. The more information/error messages you can give us, the better we can help you. If you keep posting your issue all through the forum, and it's the same question, with the same issue, with no error- you will start being ignored. I'm not trying to be hard on you, but that's just the way it is.......

Now- we need information from you- post back, in this thread- please
On a side note- no one in technology is an expert- the minute a technical person becomes an expert- the technology changes. There are some great technical people within this forum, and I'm one of them. Respond to this post, and we'll get it started on your issue.

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