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Rubber314Chicken 06-08-2006 01:45 PM

Little help choosing cases?
could somebody please point me to an ATX case with vents in the side for my heat sink? I want something under $50, with powersupply (20 pin). I keep looking all over newegg, but can't find anything good.

MarxSoccer 06-08-2006 01:57 PM

Re: Little help choosing cases?
By what do you mean good, how it looks? We can't really pick what looks good to you, as we wouldn't know

Found a few that looks pretty nice to me:

All from:

joe pic 06-08-2006 02:08 PM

Re: Little help choosing cases?
i would go with

it's a good brand, and a higher PSU, all for $50. remember, you get what you pay for..
and it also looks good

Rubber314Chicken 06-08-2006 03:32 PM

Re: Little help choosing cases?
I really didn't mean lloks good, just that is a good quality case. I really don't care about lookd TOO much, as longs is the case isn't too boxy.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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