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hyperthread 03-05-2005 12:43 PM

insert page number prob in Word 2000
I use MSWord2000, and until recently putting in auto page in the header and footer worked, but suddenly it has not worked, I click on auto page in the header footer and it puts it in the doc. ok even print preview show it to work, 1 of 20, 2 of 20 and so on, when I print the doc it put 1of1, 2 of 2, 3 of 3 and so on, on the printed doc, I have tried toe MS site and downloaded updates and also tried Office repair, to no good, so folks is it the software or the printer causing the problem.

Techy Geek 03-05-2005 06:16 PM

Almost certainly software, try checking the settings not only for the footer but for the rest of word, not really sure though.

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