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Steppen 07-08-2005 12:19 PM

I Need Help with Heatsink and Fan
Hello all,

I have a problem... I have a AMD 64 3400+ socket 754 and with the cooler I had on, I would get between a CPU temperature of 50-55 C. I though it was way to hot, so I bought this one.

The Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu

Now I get between 58-63 C! I don't know what the problem is. I cleaned the processor with alcool, after I did put a thin layer of the thermal paste that came with the hsf, it's called Zalman Thermal Paste I think. After, I screwed the heatsink on top of the cpu. Not with the backplate, because I already had a bracket on wich I could screw the HEatsink on, and it fits perfectly,

Any help would be much much apreciated,

Thank you very much!

Dishdog 07-08-2005 12:56 PM

Re: I Need Help with Heatsink and Fan
That is hot for a AMD. maybe it's cheap thermal paste.

jac006 07-08-2005 01:09 PM

Re: I Need Help with Heatsink and Fan
Yeah dude... I don't know what's wrong. I just check like 15 minutes ago, seriously, and my temps were freakn 30C! WHoa there... that's intel temps. Try another fan, I guess.

setishock 07-08-2005 01:20 PM

Artic Silver 5 is the best out there. It's silver metal content is higher allowing the heat to pass more efficently. Remove the heatsink and clean all surfaces throughly. After cleaning wipe the surfaces with a dry soft cloth. Apply the Artic Silver 5 and spread with a plastic card or a icecream stick. When you set the heat sink down on the paste give it a slight turning motion to seat the paste. Then screw the HSF down snugly. Turn the computer on and boot to the bios and go to the pc health screen. Find something to do for about 15mins. Check the temp at idle and if in range for idle, boot on up to the xp os and put the spurs to her. Watch the temps for the first few hours. Have fun...

per 07-08-2005 01:23 PM

Re: I Need Help with Heatsink and Fan
How are you measuring the temp? It may be a faulty sensor or program. Try everest.

Steppen 07-10-2005 02:21 PM

Re: I Need Help with Heatsink and Fan
Ok thanks people, I'll try the artic silver 5.

By the way, maybe my BIOS give me the wrong temp, because I start my computer and after about 10 second that it's started the cpu temp is 45, and in 5 minutes it goes up to 63.

I've put a huge fan beside the case, and my temp got down to 53, but that is still at idle.


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