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coolguy 01-11-2006 03:24 AM

Hey, what all is piracy? someone clear me please
Hey, if i got an original DVD and if i want to make a back-up copy of that DVD for home use, does it include in the piracy? Can i burn any of the movies i have? What does piracy include-both buying and selling pirated DVDs? See i can understand if the movie is not official released on DVD and someone is selling a copy of that, that is sure piracy. But how do we know if he is selling some old movies, for cheaper price is the pirated one or not? So what should i check while buying a DVD and can i burn a DVD for personnal use? Waiting for the reply. Thanks.

Nik00117 01-11-2006 04:38 AM

Re: Hey, what all is piracy? someone clear me please
Old films are allowed to be freely given out. After a while films, music, books become public property. However privacy is DLing anything that in a store you'd have to pay for. Like DLing the a CD that is new, or somthing. Really if its not 20 years old at least most likely its illegal. However this law is diffiuclt to enforce. Online gambling is illegal, yet they can't stop it. And if you want to burn a back up of your CD or somthing thats perfectly legal. In fact all my video games are backed up. However with CD codes you can't really private the stuff unless the other guy gots a CD cracker. But um yea priacy is DLing, shareing files that cost to buy in a store or somthing. If you want to to back up some DVDs that legal. If you rent dvds and burn thats illegal. If you do prirtate keep it small, not to big only the big boys, the big sites get caught.

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