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rdcmmnst 08-04-2005 06:09 AM

Hard drive breather hole?
I was installing another hdd in my dad's comp and i was just inspecting it and saw a sticker that was like don't cover breather hole? Yet stacking the hdd on top of eachother would cover that up on the hdd below am i gonna run into a problem here. Any quick responses would help seeing as how i have the comp on my floor apart. haha

Charchris 08-04-2005 06:27 AM

Re: Hard drive breather hole?
It shouldn't run into any problems, does it say what a breather hole is???

rdcmmnst 08-04-2005 06:28 AM

Re: Hard drive breather hole?
no it doesn't haha that's what made laugh i seriously think the guy making this got his order mixed up with some toy whale but who knows...ok thanks.

mammikoura 08-04-2005 07:45 AM

This is prolly so that there would be no overheating in the hdd:s.
Just put the 2nd hdd in and monitor the temp for some time. If the temps are under 60 C there should be nothing to worry.

rdcmmnst 08-04-2005 08:14 AM

Re: Hard drive breather hole?
yeah thanks i got it sorted out.

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