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Raytheon 12-08-2009 07:35 AM

GTX 260 Overheating?
I'm having problems with my BFG Tech GTX 260 OCX MaxCore (PC on my sig). On Windows 7 Ultimate x64 right when it says completing installation and restarts it, it then shows me a black screen with a blinking cursor and stays there. On Windows XP SP2 x32, Windows loads up fine, but once I install drivers and restart, it just shows me a blue screen verifying the hard drive and then goes up to 99%. On Ubuntu 9.10 x64 also the OS installs fine, but once I install drivers and restart I get a black screen.

I have never touched the fan before, but I feel it is going way too slow, and also the card feels pretty hot after a few minutes of just browsing the internet. The stickers on the bottom and side of the card are sticking off. Everest is not showing temps it just says 0c, I also installed rivatuner but didnt find where to see temps. Temps of other components seem fine. CPU and hard drives and mobo are around 35-38c idle.

I'm wondering if the PSU is not supplying enough juice anymore for the GPU fan to move fast? all other fans in my pc run wayy faster. PS: I know hard drives should not be the problem since I tested 3 already.

Thanks in advance! :)

Whyfly?? 12-08-2009 05:02 PM

Re: GTX 260 Overheating?
You can use Rivatuner to set your fan speed. Click customize and click the first icon, then you check the box to enable fan control and set it to like 60%...
Download Speedfan to find the temperatures of your GPU.

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